What Happens When We Outgrow Our Shoes?

Every now and then, our shoes need a refresh. So they leave our closets, but then what? Unfortunately, most end up in a landfill, where they emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere while they decompose over the next, oh, thirty or forty years. It’s a far from perfect option, and we’ve been working on finding a better one. One solution? Extending the life of our shoes by finding them a new home.

Quality And Comfort To Last Another Lifetime

From the start, we’ve maintained the highest standards when it comes to sourcing premium natural materials, designing with unbeatable comfort in mind, and leaving less of an impact on the environment. And we’ve carried that same level of consideration over to Allbirds ReRun, ensuring that every pair up for resale is in like new condition.

Recently Added

  • WOOL

    With fibers that are 20% the diameter of human hair, our superfine merino wool is amazingly soft, temperature-regulating, and moisture-wicking, all without that irritating scratchiness.

  • TREE

    Our eucalyptus fiber is a naturally-derived, renewable material that’s much easier on the environment than traditional fabrics. Did we mention it’s also comfortable, breathable, and silky-smooth?


    A thicker, water repellent version of our soft and cozy merino wool material, designed to keep your feet warm and dry regardless of what curveballs the forecast decides to throw your way.

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