Men's Wool Piper Mids

Men's Wool Piper Mids

Resale $73.00 - $82.00 New $120.00
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Men's Wool Piper Mids

Men's Wool Piper Mids

Resale $73.00 - $82.00 New $120.00

What’s A Factory Second?

A Factory Second is a product that lands in our warehouse with minor cosmetic imperfections. Despite the blemishes, they’re still fully functional, so we sell them on ReRun so they can find a good, loving home despite a defect or two.

What Makes This A Factory Second?

Minor Aesthetic Flaws: This product performs just as we designed it to, but might come with some slight imperfections like discoloration, a thread run, or a different cosmetic flaw

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  • Men's Wool Piper Mids Highlights
  • Feels Soft & Cozy
  • Versatile Mid-Cut Silhouette
  • Cushioned midsole gives wear-all-day support
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  • Soft for daily wear, this reimagined classic made with natural materials is all about balancing simplicity and exaggeration for versatile styling. Use: Casual
  • Material: Merino Wool Upper, Sugarcane Midsole
  • Fit: This style is available in whole sizes only. In between sizes? We recommend you size up.
  • Where It's Made: South Korea. about our operations.
  • Sustainability: Our Wool Piper Mid is carbon neutral thanks to a combination of sustainable practices, like using natural materials, and carbon credits. But before we balance the emissions, its footprint starts at 11 kg CO2e. Think of this measurement like a nutrition label for your closet.

Care Guide


Pull out the insoles and laces. Slip your shoes into a delicates bag and toss them in the washing machine—gentle cycle with cold water with your favorite mild detergent. When they’re done, shake off any excess water and let them air dry.Handy tips: Don’t put them in the dryer. And don’t worry, they’ll go back to their original shape in no time. You can hand wash your laces and insoles on their own.


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